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It is my pleasure to welcome you to the website of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania in London.

The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania to the United Kingdom works together with all interested parties to improve bilateral relations between the two nations while safeguarding the national interests of Mauritania.

The government and people of Mauritania value highly their friendship with the government and people of the United Kingdom and are eager to strengthen that friendship further through the promotion of cooperation in all areas of mutual interest.

I would like to extend a special welcome to the Mauritanians living in the United Kingdom and would like to assure them that the Embassy is here to assist them and promote their contributions to the economic and social development of their country. I therefore encourage them to register with the Embassy so that we can work together to make our country and its cultural diversity better known in the United Kingdom.

This website seeks to provide accurate and useful information on the economy of Mauritania and the opportunities available for trade and investment.

It also seeks to provide enough information on the culture and traditions of Mauritania with the view to promoting mutually beneficial exchanges between the two countries
I hope that you will find your visit useful.

Sidya Ould El Hadj


Embassy Information


The Islamic Republic of Mauritania (RIM) is located in sub-Saharan North West Africa between 15th and 27th degrees North latitude and 5th and 17th degrees West longitude. Mauritania is a pivotal country between West Africa, the Maghreb and the Sahara. It is bounded by the Republic of Senegal to the South West, by Mali to the South East and East, by Algeria to the North East and by Western Sahara to the North West. To the west, Mauritania is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean and its coastline stretches for nearly 600 km.

About Mauritania


Area : 1,030,700 km²

Capital : Nouakchott

Main cities : Nema, Aioun, Kiffa, Kaédi, Aleg, Rosso,

Nouadhibou, Atar, Tidijikdja, Zouerate, Selibaby, Akjoujt.

Official language : Arabic

National languages : Arabic, Poular, Soninke, Wolof;

Currency : ouguiya (1 € = 41.84 ouguiyas approximately)

National day : November 28

About Economy


GDP (2019) : $ 7,6 Billion

GDP per capita (2019) : $1,392

Inflation rate (2020) : 3,2%

Growth rate (2021-2022) : +2% to +4%

Budget (2021) : MRU 70 billion ($ 1,9 billion)

About Timing Embassy Mauritania

About Timing


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